Yankees Pull Into A Tie For Wild Card Lead in American League



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The New York Yankees have spent the better part of the first four months of the baseball season stumbling around and competing in the division with the likes of cellar dwellers Baltimore and Tampa Bay, not divisional rival Boston.

Those days have come to an end and all the people who were having a laugh on the Yanks might now be choking on their laughter, as the Yankees pulled even with Detroit for the wild card lead Monday, after beating Toronto 5-4.

No matter what happens the rest of the season, it was fun watching the Yankees field questions for four months about how a team could under achieve as badly as the Bronx Bombers had, and even though they are back in the race, chances are still that they will not reach the post season.

Because they put themselves in such a deep hole early in the year, it is possible that they are expending so much energy trying to get back in the race, that they will have nothing emotionally or physically left for the stretch run of August and September.

The more likely scenario, however, unfortunate as it might be for anyone outside of Yankees fans, has the Yankees opponents wilting under the pressure and the Bombers once again making it into the playoffs.

The rest of the league had their laughs and their opportunity to bury New York during their awful start, that did not happen, so once again everyone can go back to hating the Yanks for the right reason, because they are an elite baseball franchise that finds ways to win while other franchises with similar starts look to next season.

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